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Typeboolean | ShadowOptions

Enable shadow below the model.
If true is given, it will enable shadow with the default options.
If false is given, it will disable the shadow.
You can also customize the shadow with the following properties.

darknessnumber0.5Darkness of the shadow
mapSizenumber9Size of the shadow map. Texture of size (n * n) where n = 2 ^ (mapSize) will be used as shadow map. Should be an integer value
blurnumber3.5Blurriness of the shadow
shadowScalenumber1Scale of the shadow range. Using higher values will make shadow more even-textured
planeScalenumber2Scale of the shadow plane. Use higher value if the shadow is clipped


src: "/egjs-view3d/model/RobotExpressive.glb",
shadow: true
src: "/egjs-view3d/model/RobotExpressive.glb",
shadow: {
darkness: 0.5,
shadowScale: 10,
blur: 1