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Typeboolean | QuickLookSessionOptions

Options for the Apple AR Quick Look based AR session.
If false is given, it will disable AR Quick Look based AR session.

allowsContentScalingbooleantrueWhether to allow content scaling.
canonicalWebPageURLstring | nullnullThe web URL to share when the user invokes the share sheet. If null is given, the USDZ file will be shared.
applePayButtonTypestring | nullnullType of the apple pay button in the banner. See QUICK_LOOK_APPLE_PAY_BUTTON_TYPE
callToActionstring | nullnullA text that will be displayed instead of Apple Pay Button. See Official Guide Page
checkoutTitlestring | nullnullTitle of the previewed item. See Official Guide Page
checkoutSubtitlestring | nullnullSubtitle of the previewed item. See Official Guide Page
pricestring | nullnullPrice of the previewed item. See Official Guide Page
customstring | nullnullCustom URL to the banner HTML. See Official Guide Page
customHeightstring | nullnullHeight of the custom banner. See QUICK_LOOK_CUSTOM_BANNER_SIZE


quickLook: true (default)

src: "/egjs-view3d/model/draco/alarm.glb",
iosSrc: "/egjs-view3d/model/usdz/alarm.usdz",
quickLook: true,
webAR: false,
sceneViewer: false

Detailed Options

src: "/egjs-view3d/model/draco/alarm.glb",
iosSrc: "/egjs-view3d/model/usdz/alarm.usdz",
quickLook: {
title: "CUSTOM TITLE",
allowsContentScaling: false,
canonicalWebPageURL: "",
applePayButtonType: "subscribe",
checkoutTitle: "CUSTOM TITLE TEXT",
checkoutSubtitle: "CUSTOM SUBTITLE TEXT",
price: "100$",
customHeight: "large"
webAR: false,
sceneViewer: false