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The option object of the eg.Axes.PanInput module.

Type: Object

inputTypeArray<String>✔️["touch", "mouse", "pointer"]Types of input devices
- touch: Touch screen
- mouse: Mouse
- pointer: Mouse and touch
inputKeyArray<String>✔️["any"]List of key combinations to allow input
- any: any key
- shift: shift key
- ctrl: ctrl key and pinch gesture on the trackpad
- alt: alt key
- meta: meta key
- none: none of these keys are pressed
inputButtonArray<String>✔️["left"]List of buttons to allow input
- left: Left mouse button and normal touch
- middle: Mouse wheel press
- right: Right mouse button
scaleArray<Number>✔️Coordinate scale that a user can move
scale[0]Number✔️1horizontal axis scale
scale[1]Number✔️1vertical axis scale
thresholdAngleNumber✔️45The threshold value that determines whether user action is horizontal or vertical (0~90)
thresholdNumber✔️0Minimal pan distance required before recognizing
preventClickOnDragBoolean✔️falseWhether to cancel the click event when the user finishes dragging more than 1 pixel
preventDefaultOnDragBoolean✔️falseWhether to use the preventDefault when the user starts dragging
iOSEdgeSwipeThresholdNumber✔️30Area (px) that can go to the next page when swiping the right edge in iOS safari
touchActionString✔️[object Object]Value that overrides the element's "touch-action" css property. If set to null, it is automatically set to prevent scrolling in the direction of the connected axis.