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The option object of the eg.Axes module

Type: Object

easingfunction✔️easing.easeOutCubicThe easing function to apply to an animation
maximumDurationNumber✔️InfinityMaximum duration of the animation
minimumDurationNumber✔️0Minimum duration of the animation
decelerationNumber✔️0.0006Deceleration of the animation where acceleration is manually enabled by user. A higher value indicates shorter running time.
interruptableBoolean✔️trueIndicates whether an animation is interruptible.
- true: It can be paused or stopped by user action or the API.
- false: It cannot be paused or stopped by user action or the API while it is running.
roundNumber✔️[object Object]Rounding unit. For example, 0.1 rounds to 0.1 decimal point(6.1234 => 6.1), 5 rounds to 5 (93 => 95)
nestedBoolean✔️falseWhether the event propagates to other instances when the coordinates reach the end of the movable area