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The Axis information. The key of the axis specifies the name to use as the logical virtual coordinate system.

Type: Object

rangeArray<Number>✔️The range of coordinate
range[0]Number✔️0The coordinate of the minimum
range[1]Number✔️0The coordinate of the maximum
startPosNumber✔️range[0]The coordinates to be moved when creating an instance
bounceArray<Number>✔️The size of bouncing area. The coordinates can exceed the coordinate area as much as the bouncing area based on user action. If the coordinates does not exceed the bouncing area when an element is dragged, the coordinates where bouncing effects are applied are retuned back into the coordinate area
bounce[0]Number✔️0The size of coordinate of the minimum area
bounce[1]Number✔️0The size of coordinate of the maximum area
circularArray<Boolean>✔️Indicates whether a circular element is available. If it is set to "true" and an element is dragged outside the coordinate area, the element will appear on the other side.
circular[0]Boolean✔️falseIndicates whether to circulate to the coordinate of the minimum
circular[1]Boolean✔️falseIndicates whether to circulate to the coordinate of the maximum