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interface WebARSessionOptions

Options for WebARSession

featuresobject✔️{}Additional features(see XRSessionInit) of the WebXR session.
verticalboolean✔️falseWhether to place 3D model vertically on the wall.
overlayRootHTMLElement | string | null✔️dom-overlay's root element. You can set either HTMLElement or query selector for that element.
useLightEstimationboolean✔️trueWhether to use light-estimation feature.
rotateboolean | ARSwirlControlOptions✔️trueOptions for the rotate control inside the AR session. You can disable rotate control by giving false.
translateboolean | ARTranslateControlOptions✔️trueOptions for the translate control inside the AR session. You can disable translate control by giving false.
scaleboolean | ARScaleControlOptions✔️trueOptions for the scale control inside the AR session. You can disable scale control by giving false.
ringFloorIndicatorOptions✔️{}Options for the floor ring.
deadzoneDeadzoneCheckerOptions✔️{}Control's deadzone options.
initialScale"auto" | number✔️"auto"Initial scale of the model. If set to "auto", it will modify big overflowing 3D model's scale to fit the screen when it's initially displayed. This won't increase the 3D model's scale more than 1.