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class SceneViewerSession implements ARSession, OptionGetters<SceneViewerSessionOptions>

AR session using Google's scene-viewer




new SceneViewerSession(view3D, params, params.file, params.mode, params.fallbackURL, params.title,, params.sound, params.resizable, params.vertical, params.disableOcclusion, params.initialScale, params.shareText)

Create new instance of SceneViewerSession

view3DView3DInstance of the View3D
paramsobject✔️{}Session params
params.filestring✔️This URL specifies the glTF or glb file that should be loaded into Scene Viewer. This should be URL-escaped. If null is given, it will try to use current model shown on the canvas. This behavior only works when the format of the model shown is either "glTF" or "glb".
params.modestring✔️"ar_only"See SCENE_VIEWER_MODE for available modes (also check their official page for details).
params.fallbackURLstring✔️This is a Google Chrome feature supported only for web-based implementations. When the Google app is not present on the device, this is the URL that Google Chrome navigates to.
params.titlestring✔️A name for the model. If present, it will be displayed in the UI. The name will be truncated with ellipses after 60 characters.
params.linkstring✔️A URL for an external webpage. If present, a button will be surfaced in the UI that intents to this URL when clicked.
params.soundstring✔️A URL to a looping audio track that is synchronized with the first animation embedded in a glTF file. It should be provided alongside a glTF with an animation of matching length. If present, the sound is looped after the model is loaded. This should be URL-escaped.
params.resizableboolean✔️trueWhen set to false, users will not be able to scale the model in the AR experience. Scaling works normally in the 3D experience.
params.verticalboolean✔️falseWhen set to true, users will be able to place the model on a vertical surface.
params.disableOcclusionboolean✔️falseWhen set to true, SceneViewer will disable object blending
params.initialScalestring✔️"auto"Initial scale of the 3D model. If set to null, 3D model will shown as its original size and will disable the "View actual size" button. Default value is "auto", and "1" will show model size in 100%, "2" in 200%, "0.5" in 50% and so on.
params.shareTextstring✔️A text that will be displayed when user clicked the share button.




Return the availability of SceneViewerSession.
Scene-viewer is available on all android devices with google ARCore installed.

Returns: Promise

  • A Promise that resolves availability of this session(boolean).



Enter Scene-viewer AR session