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class QuickLookSession implements ARSession, OptionGetters<QuickLookSessionOptions>

AR Session using Apple AR Quick Look Viewer




new QuickLookSession(view3D, options, options.allowsContentScaling, options.canonicalWebPageURL, options.applePayButtonType, options.callToAction, options.checkoutTitle, options.checkoutSubtitle, options.price, options.custom, options.customHeight)

Create new instance of QuickLookSession

view3DView3DInstance of the View3D
optionsobject✔️{}Quick Look options
options.allowsContentScalingboolean✔️trueWhether to allow content scaling.
options.canonicalWebPageURLstring | null✔️The web URL to share when the user invokes the share sheet. If null is given, the USDZ file will be shared.
options.applePayButtonTypestring | null✔️Type of the apple pay button in the banner. See QUICK_LOOK_APPLE_PAY_BUTTON_TYPE
options.callToActionstring | null✔️A text that will be displayed instead of Apple Pay Button. See Official Guide Page
options.checkoutTitlestring | null✔️Title of the previewed item. See Official Guide Page
options.checkoutSubtitlestring | null✔️Subtitle of the previewed item. See Official Guide Page
options.pricestring | null✔️Price of the previewed item. See Official Guide Page
options.customstring | null✔️Custom URL to the banner HTML. See Official Guide Page
options.customHeightstring | null✔️Height of the custom banner. See QUICK_LOOK_CUSTOM_BANNER_SIZE




Return the availability of QuickLookSession.
QuickLook AR is available on iOS12+

Returns: Promise

  • A Promise that resolves availability of this session(boolean).


Enter QuickLook AR Session