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360° panorama image / video viewer built with Typescript
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npm install @egjs/view360@next
Display 360 images and videos
Display your 360 image / video in your website inline
  • Easy to setup
  • Rich API
  • Integrate with other video players
Supports various projection types
Supports various 360 image/video formats, and more projection types will continue to be added.
  • Equirectangular
  • Cubemaps
  • Panorama images taken from your smartphone
  • Youtube 360 videos (Equiangular Cubemaps)
  • ...and more
You can easily customize the behavior of the viewer with the options & events.
  • Customize projections, camera, controls, etc. by simply changing options
    new View360("#el", {
    autoplay: true
Supports ready-to-use plugins to enhance your viewer
  • Out-of-the-box video control
  • Loading indicator
  • ...and more will be added
Enter VR sessions by simply calling "view360.vr.enter()"
  • Enter VR sessions with almost every projection types
  • Supports stereoscopic equirectangular projection
  • Cardboard VR & Head-mounted display
All source code is written in Typescript, you don't have to install extra package for types.
  • Supports all major module types
Official package per framework
Use View360 with your favorite framework!
  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue (Both 2 & 3)
  • Svelte
  • If you have another framework you want, please suggest it to us.
Supports old browsers
View360 supports old browsers with WebGL, including IE11
  • With Promise polyfill only
  • It also supports all major browsers & OS
  • Desktop PC(Windows, Mac, Linux), Mobile(Android, iOS)
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, ...
Internet Explorer
Free and Open Source
100% free for both commercial & non-commercial uses forever.
  • Open source under MIT license
  • No license fees required
  • No contracts