InfiniteGrid v3.3.5

A module used to arrange card elements including content infinitely according to layout type. With this module, you can implement various layouts composed of different card elements whose sizes vary. It guarantees performance by maintaining the number of DOMs the module is handling under any circumstance
#infinite-scroll #masonry #justified #frame #square #pack #dom-recycle


Getting Started

Browser support

IE 8+ (possibly 9 also), latest of Chrome/FF/Safari, iOS 7+ and Android 2.1+ (except 3.x)

Quick steps to use:

Set up your HTML

<ul id="grid">
    <li class="card">
    <li class="card">
    <li class="card">

Load files or import library

<script src="//"></script>
var InfiniteGrid = eg.InfiniteGrid;
var JustifiedLayout = InfiniteGrid.JustifiedLayout;
import InfiniteGrid, {JustifiedLayout} from "@egjs/infinitegrid";


var ig = new InfiniteGrid("#grid", {
    horizontal: false,

// initialize layout
// GridLayout(default), JustifiedLayout, FrameLayout, SquareLayout, PackingLayout
ig.setLayout(JustifiedLayout, {
    itemSize: 200,

For more information about API, please visit the link.