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Version: 4.7.3

Migration Guide from v3 to v4

HTML structure

  • To support SSR(Server Side Rendering), Flicking no longer generates viewport & camera element.
  • So you have to create a viewport & camera element in your HTML template yourself.
  • Also, now you have to import CSS file we're providing and place a correct class names
    • We're now using flicking-viewport and flicking-camera instead of eg-flick-viewport and eg-flick-camera
  • All framework-based Flickings don't have to consider this change, as they're still generating inner elements for you.
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<div id="my-flicking" class="flicking-viewport">
<div class="flicking-camera">
<div>Panel 1</div>
<div>Panel 2</div>
<div>Panel 3</div>
const flicking = new Flicking("#my-flicking");

Changes when using umd modules

  • We've removed eg namespace on umd modules.
    • eg.Flicking is now just Flicking

Removed Options

  • CSS-related options
    • To support SSR, we've removed all CSS-related properties to guarantee UI when rendered in SSR frameworks.
    • gap
      • You can now set gaps between panels with CSS margins like margin-right or margin-bottom.
    • zIndex
      • You can now directly use CSS z-index to viewport element(.flicking-viewport) instead.
    • overflow
      • You can set overflow: visible to viewport element(.flicking-viewport) instead.
  • infinite and lastIndex
    • needPanel event is now always triggered without the option infinite
  • collectStatistics
  • thresholdAngle
  • isEqualSize and isConstantSize
  • anchor and hanger is now merged into the new option named align.
    • anchor: 20 and hanger: "40%" is same to align: { panel: 20, camera: "40%" }
  • infiniteThreshold is now renamed to needPanelThreshold

Removed methods

  • replace
    • As Flicking no longer supports isolated indexes, we've removed Flicking's replace and added prepend and insert instead.
  • Getters
    • We're now usinge a getter property instead of get- methods
    • getIndex() > index
    • getAllPanels() > panels
    • getElement() > element
    • getCurrentPanel() > currentPanel

Option Changes

  • adaptive is now only applicable when horizontal: true
  • moveType is now always a string

Option's default value changes

  • Default value of duration is now 500 (was 100)
  • Default value of bounce is now 20% (was [10, 10])
  • Default value of autoResize is now true (was false)

Method Changes

  • addPlugins and removePlugins do not longer accept arrays

Event Changes

  • needPanel is now can be triggered on the index 0
    • It always has direction: "PREV"
  • We don't longer provide the method fill() in needPanel event
    • As all panels now have continuous indexes, you can use prepend() or append() instead