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Version: 4.5.1




Error codes of FlickingError. Below are the conditions where each error code occurs.

Type: object

WRONG_TYPEnumberParameter type is wrong
ELEMENT_NOT_FOUNDnumberElement is not found inside page with the given CSS selector
VAL_MUST_NOT_NULLnumberExpected non-null value, but given null or undefined
NOT_ATTACHED_TO_FLICKINGnumberWhen Flicking's component is not initialized (i.e. Flicking#init is not called)
WRONG_OPTIONnumberOne of the options is wrong
INDEX_OUT_OF_RANGEnumberWhen the given index is out of possible range
POSITION_NOT_REACHABLEnumberWhen Control#moveToPosition's position parameter is out of possible range.
TRANSFORM_NOT_SUPPORTEDnumberCSS transform property is not available(<=IE8)
STOP_CALLED_BY_USERnumberWhen the event's stop() is called by user.
ANIMATION_INTERRUPTEDnumberWhen the animation is interrupted by user.
ANIMATION_ALREADY_PLAYINGnumberWhen the animation is already playing.
NOT_ALLOWED_IN_FRAMEWORKnumberWhen the non-allowed method is called from frameworks (React, Angular, Vue...)
NOT_INITIALIZEDnumberWhen the Flicking#init is not called before but is needed
NO_ACTIVEnumberWhen there're no active panel that flicking has selected. This may be due to the absence of any panels
NOT_ALLOWED_IN_VIRTUALnumberWhen the non-allowed method is called while the virtual option is enabled