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Subscribe to Reactive Properties

You can subscribe by detecting only changes in properties instead of events.

You can use reactive properties as a hook.

You need to set the inital state in the HTML attributes.

<div class="container">
<div class="buttons">
<button class="prev" disabled>Start</button>
<button class="next">End</button>
<div class="items horizontal">
<div class="item">1</div>
<div class="item">2</div>
<div class="item">3</div>
<div class="item">4</div>
<div class="item">5</div>
<div class="item">6</div>
<div class="item">7</div>
<div class="item">8</div>
<div class="item">9</div>
<div class="item">10</div>
import Conveyer from "@egjs/conveyer";

const conveyer = new Conveyer(".items");

conveyer.subscribe("isReachStart", value => {
document.querySelector(".prev").disabled = value;
conveyer.subscribe("isReachEnd", value => {
document.querySelector(".next").disabled = value;

See all available events at Conveyer#events.