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Cross Framework Components

Write once, create framework components that supports React, Vue, Svelte, and more.

Getting Started  Examples

Write Once

Write how you already know how to use your component, and it supports a variety of frameworks. There is no need to duplicate code for each framework.

Use Anywhere

CFCs make them framework components without compromising the framework's component-guided usage.

With TypeScript

All source code is written in Typescript. From Events, Methods, and State, Type is supported with usage suitable for the framework.

CFCs Reactive

CFCs Reactive can support multiple frameworks as a Reactive Component, a utility component that is state-based and does not create a UI.

It is possible to support frameworks with as much your reactive adapter code as possible by changing only the module name.

npm install @cfcs/react
import { useReactive } from "@cfcs/react";

export function useReactiveComponent() {
return useReactive(REACTIVE_ADAPTER);

Support Frameworks with one code