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Framework Ready

Use Flicking in your favorite framework!



Flicking is fully written in Typescript, and every classes, properties, and events are correctly typed and exported.

Flicking is designed to support Server-Side Rendering(SSR), and can be used with famous SSR frameworks like Next.js or Nuxt.js.
Rich API

Flicking comes with a rich API. You can use it to create your own customized Flicking & Plugins.

Check our API Docs


Flicking can be enhanced with a set of plugins, like AutoPlay, Fade, and Parallax.

See more at Plugins

Supports IE9+ (With polyfills)

With the Promise polyfill and flicking-inline CSS, Flicking can support Internet Explorer 9+

⚠️ IE 11+ for Angular & Svelte


Flicking supports progress, which can help to create the most fluent & smooth animation along the panel movement.